A Collection of Narratives for a Changing World

Eat This is a space to come together.
Welcome to EAT THIS magazine. We hope you enjoy, you can browse through the articles by category or by issue.

Second Issue- Disconnection

The Disconnect Issue took form during a time when earthquakes were re-arranging tectonics, the world of the never-ending war was never ending, and we noticed, conditions were shifting rapidly. Disconnections permeate politics and in turn, shape our conceptions of ourselves. We looked at the violence of a distance that serves to obscure responsibility. Murder becomes more invisible the more admissible the distance between the victim and the perpetrator. We looked at the disconnect between ourselves and our material surroundings and at technology as it creates a distance between people. We ask what is in this distance.

First Issue- Local Global Trends

The first issue began with our wish to create a space where diverse voices could tell the stories they felt needed to be told to a wider audience. We based our search for a collective voice by looking at the relationship that exists between local, national and global issues. We asked how the efforts, the pursuits and self-reflection of the people around us reflected on a larger world. In each case and in each voice, the connection is made in a different way.

Environmental Issues: Land, Food, Water

Social Constructions

Literary Non-fiction

Creative Writing

Graphic Art


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