A Locavore Luxury – Local Burger by Megan Meo

Opening in December of 2008, the Igneri brothers had the idea of creating an atmosphere that would bring the community together and connect the farmer to the consumer. By offering customers the choice of locally raised meats to satisfy their burger cravings. the Igneri brothers are able to raise awareness about the benefits of eating locally in an unassuming way.
Its menu is made up of a wide variety of burgers ranging in price from $4.99 for the Portobello burger to $8.99 for the 12oz Juicy Lucy- Local Burger’s signature 12oz patty topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, mushroom, onion, and peppers. Most of the burgers are made with local, organic, hormone and antibiotic free meat from Easthampton’s Chicoine farm and River Rock in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Their meat is so fresh that, as one of the workers describes, their grass-fed beef is just as nutritious as a piece of salmon. Although there only seems to be a few different burgers to choose from, the options are many if you add any of the extras such as applewood bacon, $.95, or sautéed onions mushrooms, roasted red peppers, grilled chilies, or sauerkraut for only $.50 or one of the flavorful sauces, $.25, such as chipotle ketchup or maple mayo. A burger can be the standard dish, but the options of having a thick coffee milkshake and some sweet potato fries add to the variety. or
For those who are not fans of red meat, the turkey burger or a choice of two veggie burgers are the perfect substitutes. The home-made veggie burger pleases every taste-bud with its fresh, seasonal, veggie rich taste. Although forced to use some non-local vegetables in the cold New England winter months, the chefs do well with the all organic vegetables. The chicken tenders are a pleaser for those of all ages. Could it be because they are encrusted with the sugary cereal Captain Crunch? Captain Crunch must be one of the exceptions to the ‘local’ standard.
Everyone knows that a perfect burger meal is not complete without fries. Local burger is not the place to pass up the fries seeing that all their potatoes come from the local Szawlowski Farms in Hatfield. Not only are the normal fries above par because of the way they are double fried and excellently spiced, but they are one of few burger restaurants that also offer sweet potato fries. By virtue of its title, “Local Burger”, seems to be catering to the ever-growing population of conscious consumers who question where there food comes from, and would appear to be trying to take a more sustainably and environmentally friendly approach to a business. However, the workers at Local Burger seem to be more conscious about the formation of a community and bringing people together than they are about watching out for the environment. They do say that they reuse materials as often as possible, but their plastic
The atmosphere is excellent for people from all walks of life. Catch them in the late afternoon on a weekday and you will be able to enjoy your meal in peace which is great for early family dinners. For those in the mood for some fun, Local Burger is the perfect place to end your Friday and Saturday nights, seeing that the restaurant stays open until 3am. Or stay your whole night, bring your own beers, and listen to some tunes as you enjoy your Local Burger feast. Many may find that the hours pass much quicker than noticed because of the high energy and friendly vibe of the restaurant

Location: 16 Main Street Northampton, MA 01060
Hours: SUN-TH: 11:30am-10:00pm/ F-SAT: 11:30-3:00am
Alcohol Type: BYOB
Features: Takeout, late-night dining, downtown, BYOB
Price: $5-10
Recommended Dish: Northampton Veggie Burger with Sweet Potato Fries ($7.50)/ Captain Crunch Chicken Tenders with Hand-cut French Fries ($6.80)

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